06 December 2009

Review: Terrors From Beyond (Chaosium, 2009)

This is a rarity for Chaosium in recent years, a book of six non-campaign scenarios.  Not counting MULAs, they haven't done this since 2007's Mansions of Madness (2nd ed).  If you ignore second editions, you have to go all the way back to 1999's forgettable Last Rites.

Most (or all?) of these scenarios are taken from tournament scenarios and are designed primarily as one-shots.  They all provide pregenerated characters, both to tie the characters closely to the plot and to give the opportunity for roleplaying character types that might not otherwise see light of day.  Unlike Mansions of Madness, where all scenarios revolved around a spooky place, there is no real unifying theme.

As a review of a scenario anthology, this will contain multiple and egregious spoilers and is for Keepers' eyes only!  Players, read no further!