09 May 2010

Officially on hiatus

Of course most of you have figured this out, but I figured I'd talk about it.  When I started this blog, I was had been unemployed for about six months and was looking for something to do that took my mind off the doldrums of aimless joblessness.  It did the trick.  I'd also moved to a new town and didn't have any real gaming to satisfy my fix, so it actually scratched that itch too.

Now I have a job and am starting to make contacts in the local gaming community, so both of the main reasons for starting this are now gone.  Mainly, the job takes up a huge amount of time -- it's rewarding, and challenging, and a heck of a lot better than unemployment, but when I get home I'm in unwind-mode, not try-to-speak-intelligently-about-gaming mode.

So thanks for reading my (short-lived) project.  I have a few things floating around out, so I'll pop in occasionally -- maybe with some capsule reviews or whatever.  We'll see.  RSS feed is your friend.

I recommend rpg.net and especially rpg.geekdo.com for all your storytelling games fix.  See you in the funny papers.

15 January 2010

Review: Age of Cthulhu: Death In Luxor (Goodman Games, 2009)

Goodman Games is a well-established publisher of adventures for Dungeons & Dragons -- they've been nominated for or outright won about two dozen different ENnie Awards.  Their "Dungeon Crawl Classics" line is one of the premier series of old-school style D&D modules.  With the liberalization of Chaosium's licensing policy two years ago, they have decided to try their hand at adapting their award-winning style to Mythos horror.  Can they pull it off?

As a review of a scenario, this will contain egregious and unapologetic spoilers.  Players, read no further!