30 October 2012

The Lamentations of Sir Teryrnor

A makeup session with Sir Teryrnor this afternoon.  We've established that he is at home during AD 489, but why?  His player and I decide to go through the Winter Phase to see if that suggests anything interesting.

During the Winter Phase, it is established that his brother is missing!  Excellent.

One day, Sir Teryrnor's brother, the honorable Sir Glyn, makes rounds through the county.  He is expected back for dinner but does not return.

Another day comes and goes, with no Sir Glyn.  This is relevant because Sir Teryrnor is without issue, thus Sir Glyn is his heir.

Teryrnor and his loyal squire, Caradoc, ride out to search for Sir Glyn.  They wander about in the scrub forest for a day and run out of food.  Rather than return to the manor, they press on.  Hungry and tired, they spend the night in the woods.

They spend half of the next day wandering and then come upon a bandit encampment.  The bandits have a captive, whose head is in a sack. Is it Sir Glyn?  Someone else?  No matter, Sir Teryrnor charges!

The bandits pull daggers and put them at the captive's throat, demanding ransom.

Sir Teryrnor does not negotiate with terrorists.  He charges.  [Check Proud, check Reckless.]

The bandit leader slits the captive's throat, and the four bandits scatter into the woods.  Teryrnor rides down the leader and cuts him down in a one-sided battle.  He returns to the encampment, leaving the bandit to the ravens.

As he rides back in, his squire, arms covered in blood, sobbingly relates how he tried to revive his lord Glyn but failed.  Sir Glyn is dead; Teryrnor now has no heir.

Teryrnor ties Glyn to his horse and returns home.  His dowager mother beats her breast, pulls her hair.  "I wish your father was still alive," she says.  His mother does not attend the funeral.

Teryrnor tosses the torch onto his brother's pyre.  The smoke takes his soul to Valhalla.

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  1. Insult to injury:

    That year, Sir Teryrnor's rabbitkeeper fell asleep on the job, and his coneygarth was wiped out. Just his luck.