08 November 2009

I have no manners but I must introduce.

Hi there.

Lately I've been on a reviewing kick over at RPG Geek.  I thought I'd transition that into my own reviewing site and see how things work out.  As you can see, what we have here is Lost Coast Mythos: Analog Horror Gaming from behind the Redwood Curtain.  What that means is...

Lost Coast: Technically I'm not on the Lost Coast itself but I'm fairly close.  I love it here; lots of rain, fog, and sleepy/creepy locals.  On a dark night, the homeless meth-heads might have the Innsmouth look.

Mythos:  I've loved Lovecraft and the related penumbra for (yikes) over two decades now.  I find it interesting and inspiring, and keep coming back to it time and time again.

The next three I'll do backwards:

Gaming:  I've always been a gaming nerd, since I was wee, and always will be at the rate I'm going.  I love games and especially the social aspect of games.

Horror:  Although I'm actually not a huge fan of horror movies or fiction, it's the type of gaming I prefer.  Something about the futile yet necessary struggle against the darkness, I think.  This will no doubt be the subject of a future post with a lot of self-aggrandizing introspection.
     I mostly like Lovecraftian, cosmic nihilist horror, although I'm not opposed to other kinds.

Analog:  In the sense of non-digital, non-electronic.  I'm kind of a Luddite when it comes to entertainment; I love things I can pick up and feel and smell -- all those messy tactile elements that are lost in the digital realm.  I don't like video games for the most part -- they can be fun but are rarely satisfying to me on a long-term basis.  So, analog gaming -- board games, role-playing games, and a few other sundry genres.

Behind the Redwood Curtain:  That's where I actually live.  Like the Iron Curtain, but made out of redwoods, and with a lot fewer labor camps.  It's the part of California that few people think about when they think "California."  It's remote and hard to get to.  Six hours north of San Francisco, six hours south of Portland (by car) or you can pay a lot of money to fly a little turboprop into a rinky-dink airport.

So!  That's that.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll have some actual content up shortly.

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